Does deciding on which element to include in your art work slow you down?  Even stop your work altogether?

Resonance is your guide.  “Resonance” is simply a sympatico with an idea, color, mood — any element that it’s possible for you to, in some way, integrate into the piece you’re working on.  Intensely personal to you, this attraction for an element can be right on the surface of your personality — a trait or proclivity you are well known for — or it can be deep and subterranean, hidden in your unconscious and a stranger to the conscious you, but an important aspect of your being nonetheless.

What can be of immense help here, in addition to the learned practice of simply letting yourself be attracted to what you’re genuinely attracted to — perhaps that’s an entire blog post (if not years of therapy! 🙂 ) by itself — is the very practical tool of Non-Judgment.

Deciding something is Good or Bad can sometimes open the door to letting in a whole world of references to the past, of emotional baggage, which can in turn start throwing wrenches into the creative process in which you’re engaged.   Judgment like this must of necessity reference the past, and very often it is lost in imaginings of the future as well, and is fraught with an emotional weight which can, especially for the blocked artist, slow down the creative process.  The art work, and particularly the creative process in which you’re engaged, is here in the present.  Where you are.

Judgment limits what you believe you can and cannot do, and the aim of the artist is freedom, of thought and practice.

When you make a soup, do you judge the potatos, carrots, and spices as being intrinsically Good or Bad?  Of course not.  You simply choose elements based upon what you feel might work and what attracts you in the moment.  You look upon them evenly.  They are merely ingredients in what you are creating.

Ideas about intrinsic quality of a simple element, which judgment seeks to impose, are not only irrelevant but actually harmful to the artist.  You are either attracted to an element or you are not.  You use an element or you do not.

The freest artists are those who have learned the skill of setting aside judgment and looking upon all their ideas evenly.

This leaves them free to create.