I was sitting with a very talented musician friend years ago, discussing songwriting and the creative process.  (He has since gone on to become a national act in a particular genre, with legions and legions of devoted followers.)

He was talking about how good lyrics, and good songs, don’t, by and large, come “out of the blue,” that they come about through writing and rewriting and rewriting.  

The belief in that mystical flash is too often an excuse not to do the work.  

He talked about how he usually spends hours and hours and hours working on the composition of a single tune, a single lyric.  Sometimes it can come more quickly, sometimes it takes days.  Or longer.

And then he said something completely obvious that nevertheless resonated through the core of my being — How else is it going to get done?  I’ve never forgotten that conversation.  

It cut through any of that myth-building nonsense about art-making and the creative process which I’m trying to feed myself that day.

How else IS it going to get done?

It gets done when you move your body, do the single small individual task that’s immediately before you…and then you do the next.

The work gets done when you do it.