What a lovely topic for my first post!  

Still, it’s a pesky — and fascinating — one for me, so it’s perfectly appropriate.

If my experience is any indication at all, it’s not a subject you just read a few “inspiring” bullet points about, and then some light goes on in your head, and then it’s like — All fixed!!!  So this is going to be a subject I’m probably going to post a lot about as I work through different aspects of it.  I’ve learned a lot about it over the years, and heaven knows there’s always more to learn.

Who am I?  

I’m an Artist In Brooklyn!  

I’m an ANONYMOUS Artist In Brooklyn, and I’m going to stay that way.  Mostly because…err…well…um…I actually have an art career, and when I first toyed with the idea of starting a blog I realized that one thing I definitely did NOT want was to have to mold it to somehow fit into the persona of that professional art person.    

Just that whole strange trip of being someone who has become associated with a particular kind of art and a certain set of concepts, blah blah blah.  Yes and of course, it helps to be focused and to stand for something and it’s definitely good for the career to be identifiable, and I am way, WAY grateful for all of it, but…letting it bleed into other areas where you want to be really free to say and do as you please…well…yuk, yuk, and yuk.  Been there.  Doesn’t seem to work for me.  

Instead, I wanted a free space, a genuinely free space — and here it is.  I want to be able to think thoughts out loud that don’t relate at all, and maybe even are diametrically opposed, to the ideas represented in my usual work, at least the work that I’ve become associated with.  I want to be able to say and think what I want, not run it through the filters and the Fierce Gatekeepers of Career, free of all that, and just talk about art and ideas about creativity in a more naive sort of way.  Just like when I first got interested in art.  

I want this to be fun.  Otherwise what’s the point?  

Anyway, who I am is an Artist In Brooklyn, who wound up in Brooklyn many years ago after leaving the place I grew up, in different suburbs of the glorious Midwest (and aren’t they all pretty much the same?), moving to the City of Dreams, and working a variety of weird, ridiculous, m0stly corporate jobs as I worked for free in the art form I love, took art classes, and slowly, oh so slowly, built a body of work.  SOME of which people liked.  

I now am part of a full, vibrant community of artists who know my work and are a big part of who I’ve become today.  I can’t tell you how important (and useful!) it is to have a bunch of acquaintances — and if you’re lucky, friends — who confront the same issues you do and understand, really understand, your point of view and where you’re coming from.

Too many thoughts and too little time now, I have to run out the door to make an appointment!  And I didn’t even get to my topic!!!


DEFinitely more later….